Leah L’Amour is 64 years old. She’s a mother and a grandmother. She’s also a wife – and she and her lucky husband are swingers. The story of how they became swingers is pretty entertaining.

“He always wanted a threesome – like a lot of guys do – and so I tried to do a birthday surprise for him and tried to get another girl to do a threesome – but back then – society wasn’t quite as open to things – and I almost ended up in jail over it – ” Leah said.


“I was calling escort sites – and I was asking them if I could hire a girl to be in a threesome with us – and they said – ‘No – we don’t do that.’ So – to make a long story short – I didn’t get it put together – but he always wanted to do this – so five years ago – he said – ‘Why don’t we look for a threesome again?’ so we started looking – which brought us to the swingers sites – and that’s how we ended up getting into the swinger lifestyle.”

For the record – Leah and her hubby still haven’t had their threesome. But Leah has fucked a lot of new men–sometimes with her husband present – sometimes with him not–and now she’s fucking for the second time at 60PlusMILFs.com. Actually – the fourth time – since we film our photo sets and video separately.

Here – this beautiful – blond GILF is walking around a beautiful house with her tits popping out of a long – sexy dress. She opens the shades and sees JMac working in the backyard.

“I love those young guys – ” Leah says as she calls him over. She gets up against the glass and takes out her tits – something he definitely didn’t expect – and that’s the signal for him to stop working and start getting to work. Before JMac knows it – he’s getting his cock expertly sucked by a super-horny GILF – then he’s fucking her pussy every which way and cumming in her mouth. Yeah – Leah swallows. Of course she does.

“I’ve never had sex in front of the camera – ” Leah told us the first time she was here. “I’ve had sex in front of people – but I usually don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. I’m more focused on what I’m doing!”

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