It’s time to meet Lady Dulbin – a 54-year-old first-timer from California. She has children. She’s married. And while she was at the studio…

“Last night – my husband was with a beautiful woman and they had a great time – and I’m here enjoying Florida and doing something I’ve always wanted to do – which is dabble in porn.”

As you’ll see at the end of this interview and in the hardcore video–the Lady’s first–she dabbles in porn by sucking and fucking Stallion’s big – black cock and getting her pussy creampied.

But about that name…

“Some people think it’s Lady Dolphin because when I orgasm – I sound like a dolphin. I did have a hotel manager knock on the door and ask if I was in distress. I was playing with a vibrator. I said – ‘I’m quite well – thank you.'”

But it’s not Lady Dolphin. Nor is it Lady Dublin – like the city in Ireland. It’s Lady Dulbin – “like a doll in a bin. I’m a little Russian baby doll.”

But she’s not Russian. She’s German and Swedish. And she’s curvy. And she’s tall and sexy. And she’s a swinger and a professional dominatrix. What does that mean? Hit the play button and find out.

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